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Bars / Islands

With over 30 years of industry experience, MJS Woodworking can transform an ordinary, bland space into an attractive, stylish, room. Of the many specialty services, products, and structures we provide Long Islanders, one of the most exciting is installing custom bars, while one of the most functional is building islands in kitchens. Our supreme knowledge of materials, design, and construction, mixed with our visionary concepts and artistic skill, allows MJS Woodworking to offer our clients bar and island creations, which are second to none.

As with all of our services and products, MJS Woodworking proudly offers customized designs and creations for our clients. With such diverse style preferences, functionality requirements, dimensions of space, and budgets, we strive to tailor all of our designs and services to the individual client. Therefore, our full-service, custom woodworking company offers an extensive selection of materials, colors, patterns, textures, designs, and products to choose from. And for those who need something more, there is no need to worry because MJS Woodworking will happily custom order and design anything and everything possible.

Installing a bar into your home instantly adds a unique sense of personal design, as well function. Unlike other structures, bars must be completely customized, according to the dimensions of the space, but also personal preference. Depending upon the design, desires, and constraints decided upon by the client, our experts can create your bar to be an elaborate, piece of built-in furniture, with intricate detail and design, as well as feature piece, with shelves and glass-paned cabinets to showcase items. We can construct your bar to serve as a major source of storage and even function as not only a prime entertaining area, but workstation or dining station. The type of wood, color/stain, finish, and ornamental details will add distinctive character, as well. Regardless of your design, requirements, or type of bar (full, wet, dry), MJS Woodworking can create the bar of your dreams that is customized for you and the space.

Customs Islands
In kitchen renovations, the desire and demand for an island is simply astonishing. Islands provide more surface area for preparation, increase storage options, and add eating/dining space. Our specialists at MJS Woodworking can help make your kitchen a much more functional space, while creating a beautiful design feature that compliments the rest of your kitchen. Our designers and contractors will work with you from start to finish, accommodating all of your preferences and requirements, to give you a space that works, which you are proud of, and brings you a giant step closer to having the kitchen of your dreams.

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